Niger Investor Privacy Policy

Data is valuable, and utmost attention must be paid to its collection and handling. In this Privacy policy, we outline the data collection mode, the type of data we collect and how we utilize them. This policy statement covers the website, affiliates and other Niger Investor products and services across different spaces, which includes online and physical dealings.

This privacy notice stands as a testament to the values and priority that we assign consumers’ data. We need to take utmost care in our dealings so as not to betray our readers, subscribers and customers’ trust intentionally. Protecting our consumers is an extension of our integrity which we hope to manifest also in all of our products and services.

The importance of user information and data categorization (Why we collect these data and what manner of data we collect)

Depending on the type of deal we have or are having with you, we request personal or business information, which enables us to process our transaction with you or your business effectively.

Personal Information

Such personal information includes Your Name, Phone number, email, office and house address, device or browser information etc. In addition, these kinds of personal information like reviews, comments, and other opinions expressed in our platform or about our platform also fall under such personal information.

Business Information

Perhaps our dealing with you is connected to your business; to ensure transparency, we may request your business registration information, taxation and other crucial validation in accordance with the laws and business regulations of your country of operations. If we are developing a business solution for you, especially a software solution, we may need to access your host and server control panels.

If we are managing your website, depending on the kind of technology used in developing your website, for instance, or if we are the one handling your development from scratch, we may need access to your admin panel either as editor-level admin or as the case may be other admin levels in respect to the objectives within your WordPress admin or other technologies that may be in use in running such website where our services or products may be needed.

If we are also providing business advisories or management, we would need accurate information about how your business may have fared so far. We would need to understand what you have been doing right or wrong and how your business can be improved. This will need access to business transaction records, deals, contract information, and other valuable data.

Data Utilization and Access

Apart from the collection and use of the data you provide to us by us (Niger Investor), your data may be made available to other parties in the following scenario of necessity.

Other Users

We make necessary information available to other users of our platform when such data is crucial to the understanding of your business and its profile and facilitate communication, transaction, investment or even partnership.

This is applicable in such situations where our users may desire to learn more about your business and want to have a deal with your business, like make an investment or purchase. In such case, we may share your personal or business information considered useful in such a deal to our verified user.

Categories of Entities We May Share Data with 

We share data with these other entities in accordance with the terms of this privacy. In the case whereby such entities have a different privacy policy, then such entities’ policy applies. These entities include our partners, affiliate products and services that may be involved in the development of applications, services and products utilized by us or affiliated service providers for the effective running of our platform and affiliated platforms.

Customized Content Served by Us or Affiliated Organisations and Firms

Several firms want to understand individuals better so that they can serve content that may be relevant to such individuals. In such cases, customer data may be made available to such companies. Such companies like Twitter, Amazon affiliate services, Meta, Google, etc., use demographic data and even personal data to understand customer behavior, interests and product preferences. This helps such firms to provide more individual useful data.

The handling of data in this regard impacts advertising and other content serving. When such programs are affiliated with us or embedded on our platform, it helps our advertising partners to understand your interest by leveraging on content you are interested in to serve advertisements and other content relevant to you. Such third-party platform has their separate privacy policy. The primary aim of this section of the policy is to ensure that you are served relevant information while using our platform.

Payment and Transaction Facilitation Institution

In the process of serving you, we may engage in financial transactions. This may be in the form of you paying us or us paying you for services or products. To facilitate such a transaction, we are going to require your transaction details such as bank details, online wallet address or personal details.

These details may be shared with third-party banking or financial service provision firms in other to facilitate your transaction with us. These financial, banking and transactional service and product providers maintain a separate privacy policy.

Risk Management, Assessment, Auditing Institution or Professionals 

Several aspects of endeavors deal with business and investment. We want to ascertain the level of expectation whenever we are to provide any service, be it management, advisory, ownership transfer or other forms of purchase.

To ensure that we don’t run into a loss, we may require the service of risk assessment firms or auditors to better understand your enterprise and the steps we can take to improve product delivery, services and customer satisfaction. In this case, your business or personal data may be provided to such risk assessment, auditing professionals or firms.

Logistics Services 

If our transaction with you requires the transportation of tangible or physical commodities, we may require the services of a logistics firm. In this case, we are required to provide delivery details to such a logistics firm. These data may include Name, Phone, email and location of delivery, for example, office address, home address or shop address.

Customs Documentation

If our transactions with you are going to require the involvement of the customs service of our domicile country (Nigeria) or your country in the case of our international clients, we are going to provide such required data to such outfit in accordance with the customs laws of Nigeria or in the case of international dealings then in accordance with the custom laws of client’s country.

Customer Services Firms, System and Applications 

We operate our customer services within the Niger Investor platform and also sometimes require third-party customer service systems and applications. We make required data available to both our customer services and affiliated customer services to enable seamless customer service delivery.

Data Storage Facilities 

We run web servers; we also operate local backups, and for safer storage, access and handling of our data, we also subscribe to third-party data storage methods. This includes cloud storage and file hosting services. This is to ensure that both our services and customer information are secured and always accessible.

In this case, your data may be stored in a third-party space. Such third-party cloud storage and other forms of storage services are guided by their separate privacy policies.

Reviews and Rating Publications, Platforms and Services

When you review our platform, products or services, your reviews may be provided to affiliate platforms and third-party services interested in what customers feel about our products. Such review may not be limited to your reviews on our platforms but may also include reviews about our platform, products and services in other reviews and rating platforms.

This is important in understanding the trust and confidence that our customers have in us. Reviews and ratings are also a means of suggesting things that need to be improved, and that’s why we take reviews and ratings seriously. In such cases, after taking necessary steps in regard to such reviews and ratings, we may publish our adjustments in regard to such reviews along with the primary review suggestions.

Our approach would be guided by the terms of this privacy while on our platform; however, if such reviews and ratings were done on a third-party review platform, the privacy policy of such third-party organizations applies.

Legal Entities and Law Enforcement in accordance with Nigerian laws or the laws of customers’ country

This privacy policy is subject to the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and if requested under the appropriate circumstance and channel, we are mandated by the laws of the Nigerian state to make provisions of such relevant information to the government or its institutions. Such provision would be effected after seeking appropriate legal advice from our legal team to ensure that our client’s data are used according to the fair provisions of the law as such not subject to data abuse.

In the case of international clients or transactions, we would respect the laws of clients’ countries and their enforcement institutions; however, in all situations, we must uphold the tenets of protecting our user’s data from abuse and other forms of breaches.

Future Merger, Transfer of Ownership 

In the case of a merger or in the event that ownership is transferred to another individual, organization or corporation in the future, your data will be transferred to such new ownership. Prior to such transfer, new owner(s) will be notified of their responsibility to respect and uphold the provision of this privacy policy. Such new ownership must guarantee the use of such data in line with the provisions of this privacy policy.

Data Access Provision with Your Consent 

Other individuals, firms or organizations may be granted access to your data if you approve of it.  Such access may be granted from your end, or you can mandate us through written instruction or other appropriate channels to grant access to such data to such individuals, organizations or firms.

Technical Reasons for Data Request and Utilization

Apart from us using the data we collect from you to understand and serve you better, it is also used for other, more technical reasons, which is crucial to the effective functionality of our platforms, services, applications and the seamless delivery of objectives of our firm.

More technical reasons for our data collection and utilization include:


Data goes beyond understanding you and deeper into communicating with you. Effective transaction requires good communication. Such communication may be in the form of phone calls, online chats and email communication. This helps us to keep in touch, understand customers better and facilitate transactions.

Data Protection Measures 

To ensure that the data you make available to us are not abused or breached, we put several safety measures in place to safeguard the information you make available to us. Such measures include data encryption, firewalls, physical security in our physical offices, storage and backup centers, multiple authentication factors and more.

We deploy these measures to ensure that the data you provide to us is not manipulated, altered or accessed by unauthorized individuals with malicious intentions. The protection of your data is our top priority.


We make use of cookies on our platform. If You are yet to understand what cookies are all about. Cookies are a piece of a computer program that collects tiny bits of your browser-processed information, which is saved on the client’s browser or device. Such snippets saved are useful to us and affiliated products in understanding your interests.

Cookies may have a brief active time or a prolonged active time. Such cookies, like session cookies, are usually active when your browser is actively engaged with our platform or other such platforms where such cookies are deployed.

Our technology is such that we aim to ensure the safety of your system irrespective of the cookie type, objective and period of activity. In summary, cookies are most times harmless snippet savers that may find a brief or a bit more prolonged application in our platform and affiliates.

We make use of such cookies to understand users and offer relevant services, products and information. Our cookies utilization is further protected through a unique security system to ensure that such are not abused by unauthorized means. In this case, utilizing a specialized ID uniqueness, we are able to mitigate such unauthorized access.

Importance of Cookies and Other Such Technologies and Why we Deploy them

Cookies and other related technologies help us understand users. Load time and even average session times. They help us understand site traffic and users’ preferences, interests and behaviors. In several ways, cookies can also improve the security of our platform. Such includes its role in user authentication, tracking and login details retention.

In the case of advertising, cookies help us to serve advertisements that may be relevant to our platform users. Another purpose of deploying cookies is to be able to filter content according to user interest. Cookies also make our platform easier to use by helping save users’ data, which may be needed in login or other similar activities; with such, the user-friendliness of our website improves.

Policy’s Sphere of Influence 

This privacy policy applies to Niger Investor, Its products and services and Niger Investor’s affiliated products and services where this privacy policy is applicable. It is not binding on other entities with separate privacy policies.

Policy Amendments 

This privacy policy may be amended in the future to reflect a broader and more encompassing policy statement. Our actions would always be guided through the consideration of users’ interest protection. Even in the case of such future alteration of this policy, we shall ensure adequate protection of user rights.

User consent would also be required to validate the binding of such future amendments. We shall provide links to an archived copy of the prior privacy policy in the case of such future alteration.